20 Sep

Verdun Borough has announced that it plans to go ahead with the implantation of a school in parc de la Fontaine on September 22nd 2011. Over the last few weeks a group of desperate parents has joined in to support Verdun Borough with its proposition to use a beautiful park as a site to build an elementary school despite citizen objection and many other options. Needless to say, some Nun’s Island parents fear the fact that their child might soon be going to a school in Verdun. According to Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, there is plenty of space in Verdun schools to accommodate the growing number of students from Nun’s Island. At this present time, a select group of Nun’s Island students do attend school in Verdun. Past experience has been described by the youngsters as the highlight during their elementary years. Why condemn a green space for a bunch of anguished parents ? One wonders. Anyway, lets carry on.

As for potential land for a new elementary school, a group of citizens opposing the project has come up with no less than 24 alternative sites on Nun’s Island to build said elementary school. Surely, certain sites are questionable, but many are valuable options and need consideration. However, all were turned down by Verdun.

Can we remind Verdun Borough that it has all the freedom it needs to acquire land in order to allow Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys to build the new elementary school. Verdun is in a powerful position to negotiate with promoters as it regularly gives away development rights for free. Perhaps this time Verdun could get something in return ? Should this not be enough, Verdun could expropriate the land that sees fit. Money you say ? Not only does Verdun have plenty of that, but it also has the legitimate moral duty to enforce a special tax on new developments causing the shortage of community space.

Nun’s Island is a growing population and politicians need to embrace a long term vision as the only piece of land to chew on might soon be the small forest conservationist Nina Gould has been able to keep away from urbanization.

Mayor Claude Trudel has also publicly said that he would seek provincial government support should citizens democratically oppose his school project in parc de Lafontaine. Does Mayor Trudel have respect for green spaces and fellow citizens ? Come judge for yourself Thursday at the Verdun Borough Hall, 4555 Verdun street in Verdun, 6:30 PM.

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